In recent years the research and development of new solutions has been designed to meet the various needs of the client: that’s why Proget Sistem Italy is a company that is an ideal partner and trust in the field of automatic adhesive labeling .
It offers a wide range of labeling systems, overprinting and marking, always reliable and innovative thanks to continuous technological research, by assisting major groups such as TOSHIBA, INTERMEC, ZEBRA, DATAMAX, SATO, ITW Thermal Films, TEKLYNX and, as well as to exclusive distribution of labeling Collamat Group.

Its collaboration with Intermec has led us to achieve an important recognition for our company: we became Intermec PartnerNet Gold Level.

Attentive to the quality of all products in the catalog, obtained thanks to the experience and expertise of its team of specialists in design, technical and commercial network that operates throughout the Italian Proget Sistem Italy is a safe investment and trusted in time: safety for the design, construction and servicing of labeling in the industrial field.

The success of our company is the result obtained with the contribution of all employees, contractors, suppliers and customers of Proget Sistem Italy who participated with constant energy to achieve this success.
Greater guarantees of reliability and quality to customers and the market: it is for this reason that we constantly and every day we strive to keep these principles in which we believe.
Product quality, service quality.

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